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Military Veterans Social Media Vet Humor PTSD Tips News

A FREE Support Group Created by Vets, for Vets

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Okay… but how much will this cost me? Nothing. Joining is free, and there will never be fees or charges.

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You can use your Facebook credentials to create your All One Team account, but this isn’t mandatory.
In fact, you might prefer to keep your Facebook entirely separate. Just use a valid email address and wait for your verification, it’s that simple.

Features You Know, Security You Need

Meet Veterans

You can still do all the things you’re used to on facebook and more. Create a profile, choose a profile picture, build a friend’s list and more. Has today been rough? Get help and advice through posting your thoughts without worry. Join the live chat with people who get it. Need to get something off of your chest? Write something in the blog section, or read what others have talked about. Vets helping Vets is what we’re all about.

Contribute Veteran Content

Our forum is used daily by Active Duty Military and Veterans across the globe. Your support circle just got a whole lot bigger. Share and discuss images or articles you find from other networks or news sources. Buy, sell, or trade in the Classifieds section. Get access to Military oriented news, events, and other info. We have expanded post-reacts beyond what you’ll find on Facebook, so if you’ve read a post from a fellow Vet and you can’t find the right words, you can still show support accordingly.

Veterans Trust Us

User friendly and simple features make our Social Network unique. While we use advanced security and technology similar to larger social network platforms (like Facebook), your personal information will never be sold or misused in anyway. We’re not a corporation looking to make a buck from selling your data to the highest bidder. In fact, while the main section is viewable by guests, commenting is restricted to Military and Veteran members only. Military Branch group chat rooms are totally private; non-members will never see what you post there. No more being banned because the masses don’t agree with your thoughts (however, be sure to read the terms and conditions).

Be The Change

Beyond just a social network lies a global Military and Veteran support group. There is a live chat that is always available. You can reach out right away and get help from someone who truly understands. Or, you can be that person who gives help to someone who needs it. You may even save a life. Our live chat is one of the most vital features of All One Team. The more Veterans or Active Duty Military there are as members, the better the chance there will always be someone available to listen. If nobody is available to chat, contact us and we will call you, text you, email you, send you a smoke signal – whatever it takes to reach out and help.

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Joining Is Easy!

Follow these quick steps to get in on the action:

1. Create an account with a valid email address and answer the Military Verification Questions.

2. We will send you a verification email so we can make sure you’re a real person. Simply click the link in that email and you’re all set!

3. We then review your account application. If approved, you will get an email letting you know to come on in.

4. Login and start your journey!

A Facebook Alternative For Military Vets, built by Military Vets.

A Military Veteran Social Media, Social Network that is not controlled by a Corporation.

free facebook alternative social media network for Military Veterans

If you are using facebook to login here, you must already be logged into Facebook for the Facebook login to work here.

Rest assured that while on our site, none of your posts, likes, reactions, messages, etc are ever sent to your Facebook profile.

We are a secure network that is completely separate and self contained away from Facebook.

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