Why dont people respond when I talk do they not care

What happened to listening to me and replying to what I said?

It's so hurtful when people just wait for us to stop talking so that they can start again. But, is that what is really happening? As Veterans, we read letters differently than most civilians do. From Boot Camp to EAS, we lived and breathed from the letters we received. Getting a letter was a MASSIVE... Read more

2020 COVID and Politics Effects On PTSD for Veterans

2020 COVID and Politics: Effects On PTSD for Veterans

This year has been rough so far. It has been rough on Veterans and civilians alike. It has created fear and additional stressors for all such as health fears, concern for loved ones, isolation, job loss, child and family issues, despair, anxiety and so much more. During our active duty time, we went through traumatic... Read more

United States Congress

Congress passes Veteran mental health and suicide prevention bills COMPACT Act

The evening before Veterans Day, the Senate passed more legislation aimed at improving mental health care and services for Veterans and Troops, sending them to the President's desk for final approval. The package of bills, the Veterans Comprehensive Prevention, Access to Care and Treatment (COMPACT) Act includes nine parts intended to help prevent Veteran Suicides. ... Read more

877-424-3838 National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

Homelessness does not discriminate.

Veterans face unique challenges when it comes to safe and affordable housing. Not only must we navigate the VA medical system, but we are also all at different levels of PTSD survival. These are some of the many things that every single Veteran has in common. For Veterans, it's literally just a handful of things that keep a roof... Read more

AmazonSmile You shop Amazon gives donation program

AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives.

Amazon donates a portion (0.5%) of the purchase price (eligible purchases) to your favorite charity. It takes 2 steps: 1. You simply have to select the charity. 2. When shopping, instead of just going to Amazon.com as usual, you just have to go to Smile.Amazon.com Thats it! Here is a sample of one of our staff members own... Read more

To become more interestING, become more interestED

To become more interestING, become more interestED.

If you have a smaller circle of friends than you realized and you want to expand it, or if you have acquaintances that don't really seem to want to hang out with you, or if you've pretty much isolated yourself for so long that one day you looked around and realized that nobody is there.... Read more

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