Fish oil for dogs is not enough learn from kos tonics

Fish Oil Alone for Dogs

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As Veterans, we love and need our pets; some would even say to a level far beyond that of a civilian. For example, our own family dog taught me that it was ok to sleep at night. He taught me that there was no need for a combat level sense of readiness in my home. He taught me so much that I am forever grateful for.

After a recent conversation with the team at Kos Tonics (“Kos” stands for K9 Oil Supplements) it all began to make sense as why their stuff is important for our dogs and cats.

They have been sponsoring this site and our outreach program for some time now. But, I’ll be the first to admit that until this conversation took place, I did not truly understand the science behind what they do. We are customers’ of theirs and use their product religiously. The first time we tried it on our cat, we were stunned to see immediate results. Our recent dog, whom, we have had since she was a baby, is now four years old and is still healthy and happy as the day she was born. We like to say that she is on the “extended puppy plan”.

The conversation with them, started by clearing up a common misconception about fish oil for dogs.

Do you think that DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), one of the main reasons that we buy fish oil for our pets in the first place, is an anti-inflammatory fat? Me too. But, we are wrong about that! It turns out that DHA is in fact not anti-inflammatory, rather it helps the brain and nervous system!

It is EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) that does the anti-inflammatory stuff and that is also common in Fish oil.

However, these two omegas is where fish oil stops providing benefits!

You know what might be best? They have an entire post on this subject that leads to dog supplements.

Their post is a must read if you have pets and only takes about 3 minutes. Our conversation was with a few of their teams’ Ph.D. Chemists that lasted for hours. We ended up happily surprised to learn what they are truly all about!

They have given us an exclusive discount code that is good for 10% off. While in checkout, use code ALL1TEAM to save 10%.

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