877-424-3838 National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

Homelessness does not discriminate.

Veterans face unique challenges when it comes to safe and affordable housing.

Not only must we navigate the VA medical system, but we are also all at different levels of PTSD survival. These are some of the many things that every single Veteran has in common.

For Veterans, it’s literally just a handful of things that keep a roof over some heads, and others homeless.

For some, it’s the additional burden of returning home to face tremendous economic hardships. For others, it’s the hardships endured at home from multiple and extended deployments while on active duty that have reached levels beyond repair.

In most cases, physical issues, traumatic brain injuries, trauma, mental illnesses, and more are too much to bear and hinder a Veterans’ ability to have the strength to sift through the red tape and find the assistance needed.

Various reports on Veteran homeless demographics make it quite clear that Veterans of various age, gender, ethnicity and race are adversely impacted and without shelter.

2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report AHAR to Congress
2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress

Veterans, we get it right?

There is hope. That is the entire point of this message.

This administration has taken steps to remedy many Veteran issues such as revamping the VA system, working with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifically regarding Veterans, and in 2019, created a White House hotline just for Veterans. 

And the numbers are decreasing. Some states have even reported virtually eradicating Veteran homelessness within their borders (Delaware, Connecticut and Virginia).

Numbers 2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report AHAR to Congress
Numbers_2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress

In summary, efforts from the current administration are many, among which improving the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Department of Labor and HUD have been successful.

Significant strides have been taken, however the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected nearly every aspect of life, and threatens to hinder the progress of these efforts.

Just like in the military, complacency is not an option.

We know its hard. We also know all too well that if you are homeless, you don’t want a hand out, you want a hand to help you up.

If you are at risk of homelessness, are actively experiencing homelessness, if you are a family member that is concerned for a Veteran, we urge you to make one phone call.

Please call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 877-424-3838.

• It’s free and confidential.
• It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• You’ll get information about VA homeless programs, health care and other services in your area.

That’s great you say, but what is going to happen when I make that phone call?

A trained VA staff member asks a few questions and then they will help you.

That’s great, but I tried all this already years ago.

The VA system is currently evolving. We (the people writing this story) are Veterans too. We know first hand where you are coming from with lack of trust and faith in the VA system.

However, the current administration has done so much for us Veterans that you have to trust things have changed and give it a try.

Things are so new, that just in 2019 President Trump created a call center just for us.

In the event that we have any trouble with any part of the VA system, we now have a “White House VA Hotline”.

That’s right, a call center that exists simply to have our six. It’s not just another division that covers the butts of the VA staff. Its legit.

Believe me, we have tried it and are here to let you know that it works!

Keep this number with you at all times. As a matter of fact, if you have any trouble with your call to the Call Center for Homeless Veterans, just call this hotline and give them a chance.

White House VA Hotline at 855-948-2311.

Semper Fi our Brothers and Sisters.

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