I lost weight without even trying

I lost weight without even trying

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A welcomed, noticeable drop in body weight within the first week. I lost six pounds to be exact.

I gained energy and began to have regular bowel movements in the morning.

Is this an advertisement? Its not intended to be. This is a true story of one of our own staff members regarding Brickhouse Nutrition “Field of Greens”.

There are no psychology games and a whole bunch of ridiculous tips to go with this. There is simply one new habit to start. As Veterans, we are pretty beat up to begin with. Lets just cut to the chase on that one. All these froo froo tips, supplements and other things simply do not apply to us.

Some of us can no longer exercise due to all the damage done. Some of us have trouble eating right. Some of us have daily schedules based on whether we won or lost the “ability to sleep at night lottery”. So none of the typical supplements and what not apply to us. But this story is not about a “supplement”, keep reading.

So lets get to it about Brickhouse Nutrition “Field Of Greens”.

Day one. I have an empty water bottle left over. I built a little funnel and poured one scoop in the bottle. I added a couple ounces of water and shook the bottle to mix it.

I slightly tasted the sweetener that they use, but that’s about it. For me, I could care less about how it tastes if it ends up working.

Whats in that one scoop? Very fine processed fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and more. This is nutrient-dense “superfood”. Keyword “food”. Because its made with real and organic fruits and vegetables, that alone takes this off the traditional “supplement” shelf.

They do a much better job of explaining what is in that one scoop here: The Science of Field of Greens.

At the end of day one I noticed I was able to work longer than the day before. 3pm came and went and I wasn’t even thinking about coffee. That fact dawned on me around 6pm that night and was a nice surprise. I did not have any stomach issues. I did not have any negative or adverse effects from drinking this. My system did not have any trouble what so ever.

Day two. Same thing, one scoop in my water bottle. Whats new? I had the energy to make it to 10pm! Not jittery energy drink energy, I was simply awake. I even fell asleep quicker than normal. I was thinking, wait, does this stuff really work?

Day three. Same thing, one scoop in my water bottle. Im not sure how to put this without getting too gross. I had the best poop ever. I’m not kidding. I think that ham slice MRE from 1991 finally left my system! Because of this I was overjoyed and had to chat with Brickhouse. To my surprise, there are also pre and pro biotics in that one scoop! Turns out that there is a probiotic blend with 3 billion CFU/g! That night, I slept all night long.

Day four through 7. Same thing, one scoop in my water bottle every day. I’m convinced that this is high purity grade and truly properly scientifically formulated stuff. I’m impressed and frankly, grateful. I have taken a lot of things over the years and have yet to want to share those stories with anyone. This is the first time writing about anything along these lines.

It turns out that they have 3000 positive and authentic reviews (1/9/2021) of people saying very similar things! It turns out that you’ll hear about this product from various radio show hosts and more. I was like wait a minute – how did I miss all of that in the past? See the reviews here.

The night of day 7 with Brickhouse Nutrition.

I met up with some friends. One of them said “did you lose some weight?”. I said, you’re just being too kind but thank you. He said “No, I’m serious. Even your face looks thinner.” So that night I went home and I checked the scale. In fact, I lost six pounds. F yea!!!

As the next couple days went by, all is well and things are just getting better. My morning routine now includes a quick and efficient visit to the restroom (even with a prostate issue) and I could not be happier. I’m serious, I never thought that this was possible and I’m so grateful.

One day (approximately day 14), I wanted to test how well I’m doing at the risk of being constipated for a few days. I love mac and cheese. Even just the kraft stuff from a box. But oh boy, does that stuff come with a cost for about week.

I had some for lunch. Thinking the whole time how this is going to cost me dearly later. To my complete amazement, the following day my NEW morning routine did not change what so ever. My visit to the restroom was quick and efficient, just like it has been during this whole process.

To be honest, its the mac and cheese test that really made me want to tell you all about this 😉

The fact that I lost weight; the fact that I no longer feel bloated all day and night; the fact that I now have energy to last all day; oh my, the fact that I can now go to the restroom quickly and efficiently, that stuff is great. That stuff is a God send really.

But, being able to eat something that I love without any additional costs is truly special. I’m just going to do that once a month though. I’m not sure what would happen if I ate things like that daily. But I sure would not blame it on this product if things changed because of excess consumption of bad stuff.

Brickhouse has a Military Veteran Discount.

During the checkout process you can quickly apply for the discount via an integrated 3rd party system. GovX will verify your credentials and then issue the discount code. Knowing a bit about how Shopify works (Shopify is one of the top secure ecommerce platform providers), it seems Brickhouse then “tags” your account to be able to use the discount code. If the Military Veteran discount code ever got out to the public, it would not work without the proper account “tag”. Many Thanks Brickhouse for looking out for Stolen Valor. Click here to place your order.

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