Imagine then and now

Imagine. Then and now.

Imagine you were born in 1900.
When you’re 14
World War I begins
and ends at 18 years old
with 22 million dead.

Shortly after, a global pandemic
Flu called “Spanish”,
kills 50 million people.
You come out alive and free
You are 20 years old.

Then, at 29, you survive the global economic crisis that started with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, causing Inflation, Unemployment, and Hunger.

At 33, the Nazi’s come to power (Today, “Nazi” is a term used by the incredibly ignorant to slander those that do not simply agree with their “opinion”.).

You turn 39 when World War II starts
and ends at 45 During the Holocaust.
There will be over 60 million deaths in total.

When you’re 52, the Korean War begins. More death.

At age 64, the Vietnam War begins, more death ensues. It ends at age 75.

A boy born in 1985 thinks his grandparents have no idea how difficult life is, yet his Grandparents survived all of the above wars and disasters. Today, he is a Father raising a child in his own image.

A boy born in 1995 and now 25 years old thinks it’s the end of the world when his Amazon package takes over three days to arrive or when he doesn’t get more than 15 likes for his photo posted on Facebook or Instagram.

Today, the majority have very little respect or compassion for our Elders, the Survivors. They get punched in the street and have various abusive slang terms directed at them as well. Today, they are considered dispensable and are the candidates for the first wave of testing a “new vaccine”.

In 2020, many live comfortably, have access to different sources of home entertainment, and often have more than we need.

Yet those same people express contempt.

However, the loudest complainers are comfortable; they have electricity, phone, food, hot water, and a roof over their heads. All of this with ease of access that never existed before, yet, with little compassion for others or passion for life itself. Meanwhile, our Elders survived far more disastrous circumstances and never lost the joy of living. Maybe it’s because of everything that they have witnessed, they truly understand the value of Life itself.

Maybe it’s time to be less self-escaped, and stop being so self absorbed. Maybe its time to consider that every single person on the planet will in fact become an “Elder”. Maybe its time to reinstate the simple choice of treating others how you want to be treated yourself. There was a time when great wisdom was passed down from Elders that shaped Nations. That wisdom that you will pass down is gained every moment of each passing day, learn wisely.

Thank you to our Contributing Author – Kevin Wheeler

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