Terms and Conditions

Sharing is Caring

This group was originally started to help those with PTSD and those thinking of being part of the “22”.

The only thing that we care about is helping our fellow Veteran Brothers and Sisters.

Only fellow Veterans can bring a bit of humor, understanding & good ole military brotherhood as we know it.

If you let it, this group can help you get through the day.


There’s enough of that trash everywhere else on the web.

If you or a friend are having a bad PTSD episode or are thinking of harming yourself PLEASE post to the group.


We do have a few rules as any good group needs a few:

1: You must be a Military Veteran (or Active Duty) to join (U.S. and Friendly NATO Countries only).

2: You must have a profile (Avatar) pic , {No blank silhouette}, you must be a real person…

3: No outright bullying other members; this will not be tolerated.

4: No nudes. No porn. But of course, pictures in moderation always welcome (we all know that levels of nudity can go too far – so don’t do it).

5: Bashing other branches is allowed within reason. Out right bullying and the like will not be tolerated. Respect others beliefs and experiences.

6: If you have a problem with a post or members comment; report it to the Admins, no where else. Just like in the Military, lets keep and fix our problems in our own house.

7: We’re adults so act accordingly!

8: We say again, and just to be very clear: NO POLITICAL POSTS – NO POLITICAL POSTS PERIOD!

9: We do encourage reaching out to your fellow Veteran family and letting them know about this stellar Vet group so they can join.

10: No one gives a hoot what your Rank is now or while you were active, in here we’re all the same.

11: If words or memes hurt your feelings and you find that this group may not be for you, head on out. We will miss you and wish you the best of luck.

12: Act like a fool or an idiot in here and you will be booted.

13: We do not do personal fund raising in here, if it’s for a group cause we’ll look at it and make a judgment call.

14: If more rules are needed they’ll be added. Keep an eye on this section for changes.

15: We expect you to understand that we are all here for each other and we should not need pages and pages worth of rules to act somewhat civilized!

16: This is a private group. Stolen Valor will not be tolerated. If you suspect someone of not being qualified to be here, let us know.