Those we love don't go away; they walk beside us everyday

Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us everyday

Want proof? Here are signs you can look for.

• Flickering and blowing out of light bulbs:

Psychics believe that spirits can manipulate electricity. Flickering light bulbs can indicate that a spirit is in near.

Light bulbs can also blow out after being newly installed.

• Changes in the room temperature:

Feel a sudden drop in temperature with the doors and windows closed?

This could be the presence of a supernatural being.

Some say that this happens when a particular spirit tries to make contact with everyone. You may receive a cold chill in the body and also get goose bumps. This in effect stimulates the brain and the surroundings get a strange aura.

• You hear sounds:

Ever heard your name being called out in your head?

Ever heard noises or the sound of the voice of a loved one?

How about random songs and television programs that catch your attention at the last minute?

It could be a spirit saying hello to you in this world.

 Clocks stopping:

Ever had a clock stop working?

Ever fix that clock and it continues to show the same time again and again?

It could mean that time is significant between you and a loved one.


The ancient Chinese have always believed that butterflies were a symbol of people as they left this earth for Heaven. The sight of butterflies or even a motif depicting one could be a sign from your loved one that they have moved on to the spirit world.

• Faces of people who have passed on:

A lot of people have seen people who looked just like their loved ones that have passed on.

Some see shadows from out of the corner of their eye.


Ever felt a ticklish or tingling sensation in your face and body?

How about the sensation of someone stroking your hair, or touches to the side of your face?

How about an unexplained and sudden tiny pain in your foot?

Psychics call these a touch from the loved one that has left you.

• Computers:

If you have a computer thats sort of acting on its own, or even downloading documents on its own with content specific to your deceased, its a pretty clear signal that the spirit world is reaching out to you.

• Visions and dreams:

Dreams may be quite comforting while at the same time disturbing. They can carry messages that are often ambiguous and distinct at the same time.

Psychics often tell us how visions are different from dreams and usually only occur while awake. Our deepest thoughts can take shape of figures and reflections.

 Telepathic thoughts:

If you hear voices in your head and have recurring thoughts, you may be hearing from a spirit trying to make a connection with you.

• Scents:

Sudden bursts of scents and perfumes can often tell you what a spirit is trying to tell you.

Especially if this event repeats itself many times.

Maybe its just hello? Maybe its validation from a loved one regarding the thought you are having at that exact moment?

• The occurrence of white feathers:

Finding white feathers in the most unexpected of places?

The spirit is just reminding you that you are never alone.

 Pennies and coins:

Finding coins in the strangest of places?

While on a hike you find one in the dirt near you? How about finding one way in the back of your freezer?

Your spirit may be leaving these coins to cheer you up.

Especially when you find them while you are sad or depressed.

It is a way of giving “pennies for your thoughts”.


These are little balls and flashes of light that are found in pictures and photographs.

Go ahead, look at some old pictures in detail.

Chances are you did not see these orbs through your camera lens while taking the photo. Are there some there now though?

Orbs are said to be messages from spirits. Some can even have amazing shapes and even appear in many colors.


Finally, you have to be open and willing to these possibilities to actually witness them.

Your loved ones don’t want to scare you.

Sadly, most people are not going to talk about these things due to fear of persecution.

If you experience these things they are intended solely for you; receive the message or don’t – its up to you.

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