Understanding Condolences and Frustration Regarding Operations in Afghanistan

Understanding, Condolences and Frustration Regarding Operations in Afghanistan

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On behalf of all of us here, we are also saddened and deeply angered at the tragic loss of American and Afghan lives in these cowardly attacks. You are not alone in your thoughts.

Veterans and Active Duty Military, we say again – you are not alone in your thoughts. We agree with standing up for one of the most fundamental principles of our US Military Force – ‘Leave No One Behind.’ While our troops are deployed around the globe in various capacities with the goal of safety for all American citizens and our Allies, we wish you God speed. We also honor the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in arms, and send our prayers and condolences to the fallen Heroes and their families. We too agree that the current situation is filled with cowardly acts of leadership, followed by reprehensible terrorism.

We have all watched the collapse of Afghanistan in utter disgust and bewilderment. As Military members, we understand everything about it in ways civilians simply can not fathom. We too are beyond frustrated with the dire situation that we are in over there. Now is the time to remember that we have always had to be OK with knowing that while we are at war, most Americans are simply at the mall shopping. Now is the time to dig deep and forgive those that do not understand, especially those that do not seem to care. We need to do so for our own benefit, peace and sanity.

We have placed our trust, the security of our nation, and the lives of our nation’s sons and daughters in the hands of leadership that has failed us all. Now, the violent extremists are in charge and are exploiting every weakness possible. We are with you in understanding the full magnitude of this complete failure. What we are seeing, can not be what justice and doing the right thing looks like.

We deserve better. As Military members, we have done what we were told to do. We did so without question. Our Active Duty comrades carry out these same missions right this moment. We agree that our leaders owe us answers. We agree that proper leadership needs to be put in place immediately to move forward. Not only from our chains of command, but the people elected to office that govern our Nation. We know that there are many families who right this minute are searching their souls for comfort as they mourn the flag-draped coffins.

We know that many of us have a sense of survivors guilt. We know that many of us feel betrayed. You are not alone.

To our brave men and women Veterans, your work was not in vain. To our Active Duty Military, your work was not and is not in vain.

We thank you all for your service on behalf of our nation. Continue to help each other. Continue to stay focused. Heal your hearts and minds and know that we are all in this together. Do not be ashamed to call the VA Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1 when it answers). Please stay here with us and hang in there. We are stronger in numbers and we can not afford to lose you.

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