What you should know about Facebook

What you should know about Facebook

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Facebook, Inc. is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and a few friends. Fast forward to today and its considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Amazon, Apple, and Google.

For those not so tech savvy, when a social media “platform” turns into a “technology” company, its not because you can post pictures and share them with your friends. Its because of your data (that is freely available to them) and what they are capable of doing with it.

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Just a few things about Facebook that you may not be aware of.

For active duty Military and Veterans, maybe you will agree that operational security is important to you? Maybe you will agree that we have already given enough for our country and we just don’t want to blindly participate in the experiment?

Its with this sentiment that All1Team.org exists in the first place.

First off, there are many helpful Veteran groups that can be found on facebook. And Yes, there are equally as many bad ones too. We developed our site as an alternative to facebook because of the positive impact of the helpful groups. We have witnessed first hand the tremendous value of Veterans helping Veterans get through the day. We have also experienced what its like to not have a group of like-minded friends readily available at any given time. One of the results of the latter is 22+ Veterans committing suicide daily.

Because Military and Veteran needs and issues are THAT important, we can not be under the control of a company that is selling our information to the highest bidder. We can not be subjected to our accounts being banned because we said something that offended a civilian. We can not be subjected to simply getting deleted as a whole because we did not function in accordance with the mainstream agenda.

Again, its for these reasons that All1Team.org exists in the first place. The only way that you’ll get deleted here is by not following the very simple rules. Our rules evolved from best practices of the best Veteran groups on facebook.

Military Veterans Social Media Network

Back to our story.

Have you found yourself in Facebook “jail“? Ever had your account temporarily disabledIf so, someone may have gotten PAID real money to put you on their radar…

Facebook recently re-launched a campaign that offers $150 to take a month long  “survey”.

Many scroll by the surveys and most people don’t make it past the initial round of questions to know anything about the what’s truly involved.

Here are thoughts from a trusted source regarding the “personal invitation” to take the survey.

For opsec, their identity will not be made available.

Yesterday (July 6, 2019), via one of their trademark Hallmark-style faux-cheery public communiqués, they asked me to participate in a “survey.” I was supposed to click on the button & answer a few questions that would take only a minute.My curiosity was piqued so I clicked, and it turned out that the questions were all focused on whether I’d seen anything on FB recently that I “didn’t want to see.” (That was how they put it.) They were clearly fishing for things that might have “upset” or “triggered” me. IOW, was there anyone that I’d perhaps like to squeal on, presumably so they could gather info to help them decide whether or not to censor the offending party. I answered the questions in a deliberately oblique way, vaguely suggesting in so many words that actually, there’s much about their entire operation that offends me. But I buried this idea under a pile of double-talkso that it was never clear just what or who I was complaining about. Then they asked if I wanted to participate in a more in-depth survey that would take a few minutes daily for a month, & for which I’d get paid $150. I declined the offer. 

Hmmm, are you still ok with using facebook? Well here are a couple more things. 

July 1, 2018(CNET) Facebook acknowledges it shared user data with dozens of companies.
The social network had agreements with 61 companies, ranging from AOL to UPS to dating app Hinge. Don’t take our word for it, Click here to read the story.

December 19, 2018(ABC) Facebook gave about a dozen companies wide access to its 2.2 billion users’ personal data without consent, including private messages, names and contact info for friends… The revelations contradict the social media giant’s claims that it no longer allowed third party apps to access user information via friends. Click here for the story and video.

Information Warfare and it is ultimately the weaponizing of information

Its called Information Warfare and it is ultimately the weaponizing of information, YOUR information.

The most recent bombshell is dated July 24, 2019. The Federal Trade Commission announced a $5 billion settlement with Facebook on Wednesday, resolving a sweeping investigation by regulators into how the company lost control over massive troves of personal data and mishandled its communications with users. It is the largest fine in FTC history… Click here for the story.

While we here at All1Team.org would love to help everybody, we simply can not afford to do so financially. Because of our limited budget, our passion and focus is active duty Military and Veterans only. These are the people that have sacrificed. These are often the people that are alone. These are the people that rely on strength from camaraderie just to get through the day. Veterans that do not reach out to others may continue to lose the struggle and become one of the 22+ a day. It starts with having a place of our own and its certainly not on facebook. Facebook did start its life with the best intentions, however, the all mighty dollar changed the way they do things in a big way. If you must use facebook, at the least do not use your factual information (name, phone number, etc).

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